Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A prediction - Data centers on the Moon will be main cause of colonization

I have been dormant for a very long time. It's not often that my ramblings make it to the web however today is an exception to that. I've had a moment of eureka which I am biting at the bit to get out and I think it could be pretty hot, or cool depending on how you may want to see it.

Lets look at the initial facts, the earth is running out of space because we keep propagating and that then increases computing demand and requirements; the size of computers having to work to compute that data increases; the size of data centers required increases; but how? H0w can we keep on expanding for these mega data centers when we are running out of space? We could perhaps dig big bunkers and set them in those. This would increase heat generated though, which at the moment has been quite a cause of concern for the entire planet, Global Warming.

Science Fiction leads us to believe, and quite probably and possibly rightly so, that the human race will have to leave planet earth and find somewhere else to live. The Moon is one consideration as a destination for colonization. Wow! Lots of ions in that sentence.

Having spent a couple of micro seconds on the notion, it doesn't make sense. Humans need water. We also need the right gravitational environment, and air, lots of it. I don't believe that the moon is the best place for living do you?

What I do feel however is that the moon could be an ideal spot for gigantic mega data centers. If we can build a modular pod which holds so many thousand processors, and have this as a self contained unit, oil cool all the components into the unit and ship it up. Once it's on the moon it gets tethered to a network which then has a microwave link with earth, or a relay of satellites etc. power source could be a whole farm of solar panels.

I think that the vacuum environment of the moon, plus the general temperature there anyway and the remoteness of it would be a perfect place for the types of data centers we are starting to need and with such a computer system in place, we can focus our energies to studying ways of becoming more efficient, and discover ways of cleaning up the damage we are causing. I know that the last thing about temperature would have raised alot of eyebrows, and I'm not surprised, everyone knows how hot it can get in space. Especially without an atmosphere protecting us from the sun. Well, consider this, the pods would be constructed in such a way that heat could be retained in an outer shell only to be quickly dissipated when the temperature drops as low as -153°C. it rises to 153°C when it gets hot, and really that's the boiling point for water.

This is another area for research because that's free cooling right there. And it's heck of a cold if you ask me, so why not tap it.

Earth has a lot longer than we all think. It's survived for billions of years, and yes, unfortunately it will have a day. As long as we keep innovating and creating better technology do we understand more and this is a fantastic, and probably more affordable solution in the long run than chomping up valuable resources down here while adding to global warming because of the massive cooling machines, need I go on.

Well there we have it.

Oh, and about 8 years ago, when thumb drives really started to take a hold on the market with the original 1GB and 2GB sticks, I experienced an extra burst of electrical stimulus in my brain and predicted at the time that one day, there will be hard drives with SSD's build into the side of them for the operating system. Makes sense right?

Well how about having a really big, generous SSD built into the motherboard directly? Would make for a phenominal increase in speed. And besides when ever you change your hardware such as a motherboard, the operating system freaks out so badly that you need to reinstall windows for a fully optimized system. I'm sure someone will argue this point and perhaps we're both right. Anyways that also reduces an additional consumption of energy for a packaged SSD and more responsive as it's integrated directly into the motherboard. Nice!

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